Week 4 Wrap Up

Week 4 was frustrating on a few different levels. When I weighed in on Monday, after an entire week of staying on plan, the scale read 153.8. I hadn’t even lost a pound after a full week of workouts and resisting all food temptation (including a make your own sundae bar set up by the property manager in the lobby of our office building). On Wednesday, I did an ab workout routine that left my hips and lower back extremely sore. It was so painful to go from a sitting to a standing position and vice-versa that I was audibly wincing with every movement. This made for a very awkward trip to Starbucks for my double espresso over ice. To try to recover from this injury, I reluctantly took a rest day on Thursday. When I was back to working out on Friday, I was still hurting so I over compensated for my messed up hips and hurt my left ankle in the process. I worked out today with the painful ankle but I think tomorrow may need to be another cardio-free day to give this ankle a rest.

Normally, this many setbacks in a week would send me face first into a cheesecake but I am determined to see this through. I have decided to streamline and simplify my efforts by making a few tweaks to my current plan:

#1 – Changing my weigh-in day

I read an article by a fitness blogger (I wish I had pinned the link) that said Mondays are a bad day to weigh in. The weekend distorts your progress because you tend to sleep in later, go to bed later and eat on an off schedule. Since sleep hormone disruptions and diet changes can both affect your weight, it is best to weigh in on Friday when you have had at least four solid days of a steady sleep, diet and exercise schedule. Starting week 5, I will chart my weight and measurements on Friday mornings.

#2 – A Notebook

Up to this point, I have been documenting everything but in multiple places. I have a chart for my fitness rewards and a separate chart for my weight and measurements both on my fridge. I have been tracking my menu and calorie intakes on excel spreadsheets on my laptop. After some Pinterest surfing, I decided that I should put everything into a fitness journal. I have a page at the front for my rewards tracker and a page with my stats. Each page after that is devoted to tracking daily calorie and water intake. I got a 7 x 5 notebook so that it fits in my purse and I can take with me everywhere.

#3 – Rethinking Dinner

When Aidan was a baby, I made my first serious attempt at losing the baby weight by joining the Nutrisystem program. Because this program was stupid simple and required zero prep, I was extremely successful and lost 15 pounds in my first month. Due to the cost of the program, I wasn’t able to continue it and eventually gained the weight back. Fast forward to my current journey. My breakfasts, lunches and snacks are perfectly portioned and it is easy to track my calorie counts but dinner is a different story. I have been cooking my own meals for my husband and I using recipes from Hungry Girl. For most of these dishes, it is really hard to match the portion sizes (and therefore the calorie counts) to the recipes as written. I have decided to take a page from the Nutrisystem playbook and will be buying frozen meals (i.e. Weight Watchers Smart Ones, Lean Cuisine, etc) and eating those for dinner. Ryan has agreed and given me a list of meals for one to make for him so that I can keep making progress.

Hopefully, these changes will get the scale moving again and help me stay on track.


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