Workouts & Worries

I have been on “staycation” this week with my husband and kids. We had been planning a week long beach getaway but this past spring we were forced to spend $1400 on repairs to both of our cars. Those unexpected expenses drained our vacation fund so during the week that our babysitter was out on a cruise, we decided to do a staycation. We stayed home and have taken the kids to a local waterpark and to a nearby lake with a sandy man-made beach. Today my in-laws took the kids to the pool while my husband and I had a rare date day. Tomorrow, our plan is to take the kids to the National Aquarium in Baltimore.

I have exercised every night this week and have tried to stay on plan but have failed miserably with my water intake. Today was my only outright bad day though because while out on my date with Ryan we stopped for gelato. In addition to my dietary indiscretions, it is also (TMI alert) my time of the month. This means that I am terribly nervous about tomorrow’s weigh in and measurement.


Watching my daughter at the lake without worrying about how I look in this swimsuit

Since working out has been my only real success this week, I thought I would highlight my workout routine. I hate exercising. The only exercise that I have ever really liked is dancing. I danced competitively for many years as a child and teen in ballet, tap, jazz and lyrical. For the first few weeks of this new routine, I combined boxing on the heavy bag in our garage with cardio workouts from YouTube. As the summer went on and my garage got hotter and hotter, I dropped the boxing and began alternating cardio routines from two different YouTube channels. These two channels represent the two different sides of my personality.

The first channel is The Fitness Marshall. His channel represents the fun, sexy, wannabe popstar side of my personality and I love his workouts.

The second channel is Dance Fitness with JessicaHer channel represents the strong, empowered mom side of me.




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