Progress Updates

Greetings from Guilt

First things first…the results of last week’s weigh in. Despite not meeting my calorie or water goals during my entire staycation week, thanks to daily exercise and not going completely off course with my food choices, I lost 1 pound. My weight is 149.2 pounds so I am down a grand total of 9.8 pounds. My measurements were all the same this week but still…weight loss is weight loss.

Tonight has been another story altogether. I ate well during the day, did a cardio workout and swam for an hour. Thanks to the stress of worrying about the pile of work that awaits me when I return to the office tomorrow and my 8 year old devolving into a brat with a capital B, I couldn’t resist the urge to stress eat. I ate tons of rotisserie chicken (including skin), a handful or oreos and a bunch of graham crackers. My stomach hurts and I am riddled with guilt. This is the first time since starting this new routine that I have totally caved and I hate myself for it.


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