Progress Updates

Good News, Bad News

Another week is done and I find myself still feeling down about my progress despite today’s weigh in being a “good news, bad news” situation. The good news is that I finally crossed the 10 pound barrier but the bad news is only barely. My weight is now 148.8 pounds so I am down a total of 10.2. I didn’t lose a full pound from last week to this week. I had one bad eating night and was not as good with my water intake this week as I should have been. But I exercised every day and despite stress at every turn (work stress, marriage stress, mom stress) I didn’t give in to my desire for bad food as much as I wanted to. I even resisted donuts provided to everyone in our office building by the property manager. I don’t know what else I can change about my eating or my exercise that will get the scale moving in a significant way again.

Back to the drawing board I guess…..


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