Progress Updates

Greetings from Guilt

First things first…the results of last week’s weigh in. Despite not meeting my calorie or water goals during my entire staycation week, thanks to daily exercise and not going completely off course with my food choices, I lost 1 pound. My weight is 149.2 pounds so I am down a grand total of 9.8 pounds. My measurements were all the same this week but still…weight loss is weight loss.

Tonight has been another story altogether. I ate well during the day, did a cardio workout and swam for an hour. Thanks to the stress of worrying about the pile of work that awaits me when I return to the office tomorrow and my 8 year old devolving into a brat with a capital B, I couldn’t resist the urge to stress eat. I ate tons of rotisserie chicken (including skin), a handful or oreos and a bunch of graham crackers. My stomach hurts and I am riddled with guilt. This is the first time since starting this new routine that I have totally caved and I hate myself for it.

Progress Updates

One Month In

Wednesday marked one month on this new weight loss routine. I didn’t take pictures when I first started but I have decided to take progress photos when I reach each monthly milestone. Here are the photos I took one month in….




I really hate that side profile picture. My youngest child is nearly three and I look about 4 months pregnant. I really hope to see a difference in that shot when I take these pictures again in August.

Aside from being a big milestone day for my diet, Wednesday was also an emotional day. I went with Ryan to get his test results back from his specialist. It turns out that he not only has one rare illness, sarcoidosis, but he also now has another, reactive arthritis. There less than 20,000 cases so while the stats are unnerving, it goes in and out of remission and treating the flares is fairly simple. After this appointment, we continued our argument from the day before. Sigh….

The bad luck continued on Thursday when I was leaving for work and discovered a drywall screw in my rear tire. Ryan said he would plug it in the evening but commuting in one car, with a stop to drop the kids off at daycare made me late for work. In all this stress, my anxiety and panic were in full effect and I was cursing the Universe for being against me. The Universe, however, decided to send me a very direct message. I am not a religious person but I do consider myself a spiritual person. I have a friend who is a Reiki Master, does tarot readings and helps people discover their spirit animals. A while back, she helped me determine that my spirit animal is the turtle. Turtles embody the need for determination but also the need to slow down. As we were driving in to work and I was in panic mode, traffic had to slow down for a massive turtle that was in the middle of the road. It was a huge slap upside the head from the Universe telling me to slow down and relax.

Today was my weigh-in and measurement day. I weighed in at 150.2 pounds. Overall I am down 8.8 pounds. I have 17.2 pounds to go before I make my primary goal and 30.2 pounds to go before I make my secondary goal. Also, since I started taking measurements 2 weeks ago, I have taken an inch off my waist, an inch off my thighs and two inches off of my hips. I am overall really happy with my progress and can’t wait to keep going.

When I completed my first fitness reward chart, I rewarded myself by ordering some Lipsense. Lipsense is a long wear lip color to which I have recently become addicted. Tying the things I love to healthy habits makes staying on plan a little easier because I know I have these nice little treats to look forward to. Amanda, my Lipsense distributor, gave me a 20% discount when she heard they were weight loss rewards and I earned a free color from her online party which just happened to coincide with me earning my first reward. I ordered a new gloss, since mine was nearly out, and two new colors. My reward arrived in the mail today so it was a nice surprise when I got home.